About Us

AmeriFund Corporation is a mortgage lending firm that places a strong emphasis on innovation, technology, transparency, and exceptional customer service. Here’s a breakdown of our core values and offerings:

Innovative Vision:

AmeriFund Corporation distinguishes itself by pushing boundaries and actively exploring fresh opportunities within the mortgage lending industry. Our unwavering commitment is to revolutionize the sector through a fusion of cutting-edge technology, a diverse range of loan products, and an analytics-driven approach.

Seasoned Professionals:

The company boasts a highly experienced team, comprising industry veterans with decades of combined expertise in mortgage lending. This wealth of knowledge is instrumental in their capacity to consistently deliver results and provide valuable insights to real estate professionals.


AmeriFund Corporation stands out for its investment in proprietary technology and an intuitive client portal interface. This underscores their dedication to streamlining processes, enhancing client access to information, and facilitating efficient communication.

Customer Focused:

AmeriFund Corporation is deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer service and tailoring a personalized mortgage experience. We strive to simplify the lending process, ensuring prompt results and faster turnaround times.

Commitment to Transparency:

AmeriFund Corporation places transparency at the core of its values. They recognize its pivotal role in building enduring partnerships with Real Estate professionals.

Continuous Education:

We are resolutely committed to remaining up to date with evolving industry guidelines, programs, and best practices. This steadfast dedication to learning enables them to provide Real Estate professionals with the most current and relevant information.

Dedication to Innovation:

Innovation is not just a buzzword for AmeriFund Corporation;s a fundamental principle. We are
perpetually in search of more effective processes, enhanced products, and improved services to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Established Presence:

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in City of Fountain Valley, California, the company & history, and location reflect its strong foundation.

Inclusivity in Business:

AmeriFund Corporation embraces an inclusive approach to business, showcasing their adaptability and flexibility in navigating diverse situations and partnerships.
In summary, AmeriFund Corporation overarching message is crystal clear: we aspire to lead the mortgage lending industry by harnessing the power of technology, experience, and an unwavering commitment to customer service and innovation.