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What makes partnering with Amerifund Corporation a wise choice?

Deliver Unparalleled Value

By embracing our role as a boutique broker specializing in loan products, our firm is uniquely poised to deliver unparalleled value. We take pride in offering our clients an unmatched selection, competitive rates, and personalized service, ensuring that each individual receives tailored and exceptional assistance. Our commitment lies in providing a level of service that goes beyond expectations, making the borrowing experience not only seamless but also highly rewarding.

Find Solutions So Every Client Wins

With a steadfast determination, we confront challenges head-on, embracing them with a fearless "bring it on" attitude. Our commitment knows no limits; we persistently seek solutions for each client, never wavering even in the face of the most daunting circumstances. Our unyielding dedication has solidified our reputation as the trusted go-to lender, particularly when others have faltered. We are motivated by the firm belief that within every situation, there exists a winning solution just waiting to be discovered.

Guide From Experience

With a rich history spanning over 21 years in originating loans within the vibrant landscape of Southern California, George has not only honed his expertise but also fostered invaluable lending relationships. His extensive experience not only financially empowers clients but also commands immense respect from professionals across the nation's lending industry.

The pinnacle of excellence

Amerifund Corporation Compensation Structure:

“Set your own rates and earn on every transaction! Just keep in mind the $1,395 processing fee. We’ll send you a 1099 for your records.”

Originators earn revenue equal to their chosen compensation for each transaction, minus $1395. Compensation is processed individually on a 1099 basis where allowed. In W-2 states, originators receive 87.5% of their compensation after deducting the $1395. transaction fee. Originators are accountable for their personal expenses. Additionally, they receive a $600 Bonus for transactions funded by a referred Loan Officer.

Client Testimonials

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Robert Pena
“Since I have started here, I am actually able to make more money”

Aaron Thomas
“With more pay, I was able to build out my team the way I wanted”

Sabrina Jones
“They give you the support you need without taking half your pay”

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